Why Us?
Welcome! Stull Homes is a cutting edge home builder in the Greater Cedar Rapids area.  To us building a house is so much more than the construction of 2x4'S, it's about creating a plan that begins with careful consideration of the family who will be living there and how they will function in their new space. We believe it is our job to make this enormous project as easy and enjoyable as possible for you.
Our Inspiration
Stull Homes was initially inspired by researching the repair and rebuilding of flood damaged properties in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We knew from the beginning we were passionate about homes and the lives people created in them. By combining the unique talents of Stull Homes and our team of contractors, we consistently provide beautiful homes packed with quality and character.  We LOVE the idea of teaching homeowners different ways they can express their individual tastes with confidence in their design selections as well as how they can achieve their dreams while being environmentally conscience.   Stull Homes offers outstanding customer service, fresh ideas and knowledgeable solutions to avoid your current homes undesirables.  The best part is, you can choose your level of involvement in the process.  You may want to be presented with only a few design choices and check in only from time to time or you may want to take the wheel hunting for your own fabulous finds and seeing the progress on a more frequent basis.  It's totally up to you!  Call or email today to ensure your spot in the spring schedule! 
The Environment
Creating beautiful homes while protecting the environment is of the utmost importance to Stull Homes. We do this through the use of sustainable materials and building practices. We are knowledgeable and always learning about the latest energy saving tips and techniques. There is nothing more important than protecting the environment in every way we can. We try to encourage the use of recycled materials as well as energy efficient products, even above EPA standards, to ensure each new homeowner the maximum efficiency for their budget. 
Stull Homes is a home builder with a high level of passion for building and creating spaces that people can enjoy and build memories for a lifetime in.  It truly is our hope that anyone can walk into one of our houses a hundred years from now and say, "This house was build extremely well." We pride ourselves on our use of creativity and design to make our homes feel custom without the large custom price tag.  We encourage you to visit one of our homes today to experience the difference for yourself!  We can't wait to meet you!
Please Note;
Many of the photos on our website are from homes we have built and many pictures are for inspiration in your new home from www.hgtv.com! Enjoy!